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Cloud Services


Smart Fix possess unrivalled expertise in providing cloud data storage solutions, such as assistance with choosing secure cloud services, conducting safe data transfer, secure data management and guaranteeing protection to you and all your data.

Put simply, cloud storage is when your data is backed up to a server which is protected both physically and electronically, guaranteeing the safety, security and your access to your data. Your data could include the files, folders, documents, photos, videos, spreadsheets and any other data traditionally stored on your device’s physical hard drive, whether it is your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

While the idea of storing data online can be a confusing one, we understand cloud services and safe / secure usage of the many cloud platforms available on the internet. We have help you navigate these choices and ensure your laptop, desktop and other devices are set-up correct to ensure everything is backed up and secure.

With a host of providers, loads of options to choose from and how daunting the perplexity of the intangible Cloud can be, Smart Fix are here to help you with storage solutions. We offer assistance with uploading to and downloading from the Cloud, ensuring all your devices are synchronised with the Cloud and, when you choose to upgrade or change a device or machine, that your data remains just as accessible.

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Whatever the device in question, from PC to smartphone, Apple iMac to tablet, our great cloud services advice support is available for all to take advantage of.

We help you navigate this complex world with our customary friendliness, attention-to-detail, and outstanding customer service.