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Oct 02

How important are Windows Updates?

I’m sure you have seen it before, the dreaded “Configuring Windows Updates” text when either starting up or shutting down your PC. Then, being unable to do anything while the PC seemingly sits there doing nothing.
Then, after an indefinite amount of time, you’re finally allowed into your PC to find that nothing has changed, and you ask yourself, “What was the point of that?”

Windows 7 Updates

Windows Updates are actually vital to the smooth running of your PC. Microsoft are always looking for bugs, security issues, stability issues, and many more things, and these updates are the small little patches that fix all of these issues. Not only that, they are used to add extra features into Windows which benefit you in ways you might not even be aware of.

Windows Updates are also used to keep your hardware up to date. Every piece of hardware in your PC has a piece of software that does the talking for it to the PC itself. Windows Update helps ensure that, the piece of software doing the talking is always the best and most recent version.

Windows 10 Security Update

The biggest use for Windows Updates, however, is fixing security vulnerabilities. Every-day, new issues and bugs are found in pieces of software and in Windows itself. As soon as Microsoft gets word of this, they start work on new updates to close this vulnerability and then push them out to consumers. Not all updates are for Windows though. Many are for other Microsoft products or even pieces of hardware that may have an issue with their driving software which could be an entry-point for a hacker.

Thankfully, with the release of Windows 10 Build 1903, Microsoft have made it to that you, the consumer can choose when is the most convenient time for updates to be installed, so it no longer disrupts any work you might be doing, and only installs at a time when the computer is not being used.

Build 1903 Windows Updates

Windows Updates won’t be going away as long as Windows is about, but next time you get the dreaded “Configuring Windows Updates” screen come up when starting up or shutting down your computer, remember that whatever the computer is doing in the background, know that it’s keeping you, your computer and your data, that bit safer.

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