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iMac & Macbook


SmartFix have expertise and experience in a range of Apple products, and specialise in repairs for all of Apples iMac and MacBook computers.

Many of the issues that users face with Apple devices are different to other laptop brands, such as issues with sensors, a flashing question mark or no entry symbol on boot, issues with ports on the machine or issues with communicating with other Apple devices.

We pride ourselves in only using Apple OEM parts for any of our repairs, to ensure that any repair that you have from us, gives the same quality as if you took your device to Apple, but at a fraction of the cost.

Smart Fix are the leading iMac and MacBook repair specialist in Edinburgh. Our skilled technicians are able to perform speedy diagnostics and offer comprehensive repair solutions.

Whether you choose to visit us in-store, give us a call, email us or you want to utilise our collect and return service for your repair, we here at Smart Fix can help you with any Apple issue you have.

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Whatever problems you are having with your Apple iMac or MacBook, the talented professionals at Smart Fix are the perfect choice to get you up and running again in no time.

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