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Sep 19

Keeping your Data Safe and Secure

For many, keeping your personal data safe and secure is the most important part of owning a computer.

It’s no secret that too many people, the data that we have stored on our computer are of grave importance. So, how would you feel if one morning, you turned on your computer and it wasn’t there? Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or photo and then realized that you don’t have another copy saved elsewhere?

Computer viruses are another cause of data loss. Many viruses aren’t content with just slowing your machine down or spamming you with endless pop-ups. Many are a lot more malicious and will either lock your data behind a paywall or in some cases, just outright delete it.

Hard Disk failure is yet another cause of data loss. Because of the mechanical nature of the drive, much like any mechanical device, it can fail, and sometimes, it can fail very suddenly and prove fatal to any data stored therein.

hard disk failure

These are just a few scenarios that can happen to anyone. Data loss can happen to anyone, and in many cases, it can be sudden and devastating.
This is why it is so important to have a backup in the event of something happening. Data recovery is thankfully an option however, it can be very expensive and in many cases, not all of the lost data can be recovered.

Currently, the most common options for keeping your data safe are external hard drives, USB flash drives, and the Cloud.

External hard drives are usually the first go-to for anyone looking to keep a backup of their data. They are cheap, portable, and easy to use and usually have a similar storage capacity to your computer, which makes them perfect for keeping all your data safe.

external hard drive

USB flash drives work in a similar manner to external hard drives, with the main difference being that they are much cheaper and portable, but are usually not able to store as much data. These are commonly used as a means of storing and moving documents, photos, and videos, but can also be used for bigger files.

Finally, we have the Cloud. The Cloud takes and uploads your data to a secure location. This allows you to not only have a backup of your data, but also gives you a means of accessing that data from different devices, such as you’re smartphone or tablet. The biggest advantage of this is, not only is your data encrypted when uploaded; there is no physical media to worry about. In the event of a disaster for example, such as a flood, your data is safe.

Many people choose to utilize as many of these options as they can. Having more than one backup is a sure-fire way of ensuring that even if one of your backup devices fails, you always have something you can fall back on.

There are many good and credible sources of information about how to keep your data safe and secure, both online and on your device. A good example of this is from Norton.

The thought of losing our data for a lot of us is very frightening. Backing up your data is very easy, and compared to the cost of getting your data recovered in the event of something happening, it is an investment everyone should be making.

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