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Refurbished Devices


At Smart Fix we repair broken devices and machines and also stock a range of refurbished, upgraded and custom-built PCs. Visit us in-store and speak to one of our friendly technicians, who will guide you through our refurbished devices.

If your trusty technology has become old and worn out, why not take a look through our new and refurbished selection of laptops, smartphones, PCs, and tablets and use it as part of an exchange for a newer model? This can ease the financial burden of purchasing a new device and allow you to dispose of your old one safely and securely with the minimum of stress and hassle.

We have a large selection of PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets in-store from all the major brands, and our stock is changing all the time so our selection stays up to date. However, if we don’t have what you are looking for in-store, we can look at sourcing whatever you need and ordering it, just for you.

Is your trusted device past its best? Would you like to enjoy technology from the industry’s biggest brands, at competitive prices? If yes, check out our stock of refurbished and upgraded laptops, PCs, smart devices and smart phones. Our friendly technicians can guide you through the purchasing process.

If you have any technical matter that requires assistance then please call us on 0131 209 7984

Alternatively, request a free callback at a time that suits you


With our friendly, honest advice, getting your next laptop, smartphone and or custom build gaming machine needn’t cost the earth.

Fully warranted refurbished machines and smart devices at a fraction of the price – only ever using OEM parts.